"A child in school is one less on the streets"

  Sponsoring Children

Schooling sponsorship is the best way to prevent life on the streets, prostitution, forced labor and drug abuse.

A child sponsored by Enfants du Mekong is not only guaranteed to go to school but he will see a significant change in his everyday life. Indeed, sponsoring enables children to have better access to food, clothing and healthcare.

Sponsoring a child is giving him the key to a brighter future.

Individual Sponsoring
Sponsoring is a personal relation between a child in Asia and its sponsor. Through the exchange of letters on a regular basis, one sponsor will follow the progress of the child he is helping and both will learn about each other culture. Those letters are a beautiful token of the emotional link which builds itself over time.

Individual sponsoring represents 93.4 % of total sponsoring.

Collective Sponsoring
This type of help supports one sponsoring program as a whole. It is particularly adapted in isolated region or for sponsors who don't want to be in correspondence with a particular child. Sponsor will only receive updates on the program itself.
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