"A child in school is one less on the streets"

  Development projects

In 2010, Enfants du Mekong spent mor than 7,000,000 Php in supporting 83 development projects to improve the environment for both children and their families. More than 25% of those projects were conducted in Philippines.

Why support such development projects?

To help schools and villages: building schools, renovating classrooms or construction projects such as roads, bridges, wells account for 37% of our development projects.

To help villages and families: 17 % of funds are allocated to support local associations or to help families buy food, medication, any first necessity products they might lack.

To help students: Enfants du Mekong is very active in providing a secure and comfortable environment for its students. Hence 46% of donations cover the operating costs of our centers.

All programs fulfill a local need. They can only be approved after an "on the spot" financial study by one of our volunteer. Our sustainable development programs are financed by private donors and company sponsorship only.
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