"A child in school is one less on the streets"

  Timeline of Enfants Du Mekong

Dentist in Vientiane (Laos), Rene Pechard create an Association to protect the youth (Protection pour L'enfance-ASPEL). The purpose of it was to support orphan. It was the time of the first sponsorship from France.
Set up of ASPEL in Paris, France. Jean-Claude Didelot is Vice-president.
Rene Pechard leaves Laos. He meets the first waves of refugee on the Thai side of the Mekong river banks. He visit the Laotian and Cambodian community in the Thai camp.
ASPEL becomes Enfants du Mekong. It supports refugees in France and also in Thai camp.
The first French families become sponsor of children in Cambodia and Vietnam. It receives the Human Rights Price from the French Republic.
Enfants du Mekong is launched in Philippines.
Enfants du Mekong opens 2 Education centers in the Philippines: Cebu City and Butuan.
14,000 children sponsored, 200 long term development projects in South-East Asia.
After the tsunami, Enfants du Mekong is called by Thai local organization to support the rescued population.
22,000 Children supported within 6 countries.
3,150 children sponsored in the Philippines, 450 scholars in College/University.
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