"A child in school is one less on the streets"
He Cares Foundation

Since 2004, EdM Support HE CARES foundation. Enfants du Mekong, through the sponsorship program or project, remit more than 7,000,000 Pesos to He Cares foundation. He Cares Foundation helps the street children of Metro Manila by providing the basic needs like food, clothing, education and medical assistance.

He Cares Foundation Programs

Balik-Loob sa Diyos (Back to God) Program - seeks to bring the children and their families to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through regular prayer and worship meetings, talks, counselling and community building. To provide formation in their Christian life.

Balik-Kalusugan (Back to Health) Program - seeks to provide regular health care through medical and dental check-ups and other means of support as needed.

Balik-Bahay (Back to Home) Program - seeks to bring the street children back to their homes and families if possible and to provide a decent home for those in need.

Balik-Aral (Back to School) Program - seeks to provide education to as many children as possible through scholarships.

Balik-Hanapbuhay (Back to Work) Program - seeks to impart livelihood skills and sustainable income for the families of street children.

Multi-purpose Facility in Legaspi

Near Legaspi, at San Roque, our local partner wanted to provide a facility to the community. The Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary agreed with Enfants du Mekong to start the project in march 2011.

San Roque is a very poor area, near the sea shore. Many children do not have safe place to stay, as their family split, or abandoned by their parents. The center will be a place the children can have a bath, a meal, study in good condition.

The building will also be used a provide livelihood program to the parents who are very poor and unemployed.

The total cost of the project is around 2,400,000 Php.

Batang Mekong

Batang Mekong is a local NGO fully supported by EdM. Open more than 10 years ago, the project support preschool activity in Inayawan area, near the dump site.

As of today, 2 social workers, 16 Child Development Worker's (CDW) work o this project to take care of more than 80 children. The classes take place in the house of the CDW, in group of no more than 8 for two CDW. There, the children learn the basic of alphabet, number, English. The foundation to better start elementary school.

This project tries also to develop a livelihood project for the parents to increase their income and provide trainings for them about values.

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