"A child in school is one less on the streets"

  EDM Center Cebu

With young people representing more than 60% of the population, Southeast Asia is considered as "the youth of the world". In the sub-continent, the educational challenge yet is rarely a priority. It faces serious issues, and reflects the lack of enthusiasm from Governments to favor long term education challenge to economic and political short term decisions.

The low distribution of wealth in these countries is widening gaps and increasing the unequal access to education, despite an economic growth sometimes spectacular. Children are then facing a survival issue. The schooling failure leads them to marginalization, poverty and violence.

Saturday Activities

Enfants du Mekong Foundation does not just provide us financial aid for our studies but it also helps us transform to become a better person. Through the Saturday activities, EdM gradually develops our interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship with one another.

This Saturday activity, which happens every Saturday afternoon, is compulsory for all of the EdM scholars. It is one of our obligations that the foundation had asked from us in return for all of the things and help they have given. But for me, it is not just merely an obligation; it is also a privilege for all of us to learn something new and develop our personalities.

Through these activities, I am confident to say that we have the advantage over the other students because EdM had transformed our entire personality. It had made sure that when we step into the world of reality, we are already fully-equipped with the essential values needed in order for us to be successful. --Heizelyn, 17 yrs old scholar in EdM Cebu Center--

Community Services and Tutorials

People get involve in community service for a variety of reasons. For example, there are many who suffer from starvation and need someone willing to make sure they receive the necessary nutritional values. There are elderly people in this world who are looking for someone to talk to and someone to comfort them- the best example for it is the elderly people in the "Home for the Aged".

There are many people in this world seeking a friend and others who are searching for guidance or a mentor in life. Many people chose to give back to their community in different ways. Some choose a public service; others join organizations or even create a club or organizations geared towards a specific task.

While doing a community service, I experienced an abnormal feelings termed as sensitivity. I felt great about doing something that would benefit for others. Many people do not take the time out to give to less fortunate. I realized that community service is not a choice, it's a necessity! I became conscious of how fortunate I am. There are many people who don't have necessities in life. This experience opened my eyes and made me see homelessness is reality not just for some but also for many. There are some people who don't have food to eat or a family to depend on. In conclusion, my community service thought me many new things. In our society, we think that only needy people are lazy, but this stereotype is not necessarily true. Many people cannot help their situation because of natural disasters or the lack of jobs here in the Philippines. I feel that community service is essential to a more constructive and effective life for Filipino citizens, and I'm proud to say that EDM scholars are better person because of our community service --Lloyd, 16 yrs old scholar in EdM Cebu Center--

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