"A child in school is one less on the streets"

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With young people representing more than 60% of the population, Southeast Asia is considered as "the youth of the world". In the sub-continent, the educational challenge yet is rarely a priority. It faces serious issues, and reflects the lack of enthusiasm from Governments to favor long term education challenge to economic and political short term decisions.

The low distribution of wealth in these countries is widening gaps and increasing the unequal access to education, despite an economic growth sometimes spectacular. Children are then facing a survival issue. The schooling failure leads them to marginalization, poverty and violence.

These difficulties have dramatic consequences for families. A study carried out in the Philippines in early 2010 by a young scholar at the request of Enfants du Mekong, reveals the following information:

Population of slums worldwide is increasing by 6 million people each year.
The main reason for a Filipino family to settle in a slum is to give the chance to at least one of its children to study.

Education is the key to economic activity and development. It is also a fundamental right for all, women and men, at any age in the world. For 53 years, Enfants du Mekong is supporting those whose right is violated.

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